M/E and D/Gen. piston and exhaust valve spındle / seat reconditioning and manufacturing.

The pistons, valves and valve seats of the main and auxiliary engines have to be reconditioned in time or due to the adverse operating conditions (i.e. low quality fuel use, overloading the machinery etc.). We handle the reconditioning works according to the request or the condition of the parts involved and manufacture new parts using high-quality materials. After completing the work, we take the final measurements, issue our report and deliver the work.

Main Engine Exhaust Valve Spindle Repair by DURASPINDLE method
DuraSpindle is a method of welding high-temperature special Ni-Cr alloy to stainless steel exhaust valve spindles in two-stroke diesel engines developed by MAN Diesel as a new standard.
The processing of valve spindle surfaces with this special Ni-Cr alloy which is resistant to high temperatures significantly increases the time between the machine overhaul maintenance.
This process significantly increases the stiffness and ductility of the exhaust valve seats and increases the resistance for cracking when compared to hard materials including the Nimonic 80A.

DuraSpindle offers several advantages to the Shipping Industry:
• Increased time between exhaust valve maintenance by 50%
• Increased durability
• Increased reliability
• Reduced grinding of the seat surfaces
• Reduced maintenance costs